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Colin the Composter

Meet Colin.

He's our on-site commercial composting machine. He turns all of our food waste in nutrient rich, useable compost within 24 hours. 

Colin's process is odourless, automated and energy efficient. The composting chamber that our food waste is deposited into every day, has internal rotating arms for mechanical agitation and an oil jacket for insulation. Built in microbes then compost organic waste in the chamber, within 24 hours. The temperature of the tank is also raised to 70 degrees every hour to eliminate any harmful bacteria. Our team then harvest our compost into re-useable bags. Bags are then available to buy from The Deli for £2.50, and refill whenever compost is available. 

It's a part of our mission be socially responsible and sustainable wherever possible and Colin is a huge part of that. If you'd like to take a look at Colin the next time you visit, please let us know and one of team will be happy to show him off. 

The Deli on Verulam

Our Story

The Beginning

The Deli on Verulam is proudly located in the neighbourhood of St Albans, Hertfordshire. 

After major refurbishment from its previous life as a t-shirt shop, and it’s previous-previous life as a tyre shop, 5 Verulam Road opened as The Deli it is today, in November 2021.

The Community

The Deli focuses on providing the community with access to local, sustainable and artisan food and drink producers, and ethically sourced homeware and gift items.

The Deli is filled with an abundance of freshly baked breads, cheese, charcuterie, confectionery, artisan snacks, beers and wines to take home to your table. Whilst our breakfast and lunch options include delicious pastries, muesli and porridge pots, coffees, freshly made gourmet salads, smoothies and sandwiches. 

What We’re All About.

Championing incredible, small-scale producers is what we’re all about. Whether you’re buying flavoursome food and drink to entertain your family and friends, or enjoying a locally roasted, fairtrade coffee on our outdoor patio, we encourage you to treat every trip to The Deli as an experience in itself.

It is our aim to bring food with integrity and flavour to you, your home and your table.